How to get Norway and Romania on one holiday trip? Simple answer: Quit your job and take some more time as usual.

In June I will be traveling on my motorbike towards Norway to explore the breath taking fjords  under the midnight-sun. Targeting the Lofoten Islands I might make up my mind and extend the trip to Nordkapp. Via eastern Europe I will then head towards the Black Sea. And in Romania I will make up my mind wether to go on through the ex-Yougosalvian countries, or take a shortcut via Hungary and Austria back home to Liechtenstein. The journey is the destination, and I take my time until the end of October.

Couchsurfing “Open your door and your heart for strangers, and they will open your mind.” That’s my motto as a CouchSurfing host, and I know that there are people all over the world sharing this mind set. That’s the Spirit of CouchSurfing.

As my focus is not on motobiking but on meeting local people,  couchsurfing will be a major part of the trip. Being a couchsurfing host, my experiance is absolutely positive, and I am convinced, that couchsurfing will take me much closer to the Local Spirit than camping or B&B.

There will be news on the planning progress and the actual journey on a regular basis, and for sure lots of great photos.

If you want to share some tips, don’t hesitate to do so and finally I’d be more then happy to find some sponsors. There’s plenty of space for stickers on my bike and banners on the website. Be prepared for a photo show next winter!


Draft Route Planning: